Friday, December 19, 2008

Here we are at the begining...lots more to come

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This is the very first time that I have posted on this blog and I think that it will be really neat! My mother Donna has a blog on here, adventures with Tassie, and I thought that I it is really neat, anyway, I can't believe that this year is pretty much over, whew, where did the year go? I am a nursing student and taking a little break right now...enjoying my family so much. I wish I could be with ALL my family but that will have to wait. My girls are home for winter break until January 2nd and I have all kinds of things I want us to do...I want to go looking at Christmas lights, I would love to bake some Christmas cookies, and maybe even get a little bit organized before we all return to our busy crazy schedules. Well to the two people who are reading this right now, I love you, and I miss you!!!


  1. Oh Ya... this is looking good.... Needs some pictures of your family... ;-D

    Miss you

  2. Hi Jennifer, nice blog you're getting together here. Your Mommy told me to go see ya. It's nice. I'll be checking back. Come visit me when you get the time. Hug the girls for me.


  3. Welcome to the blog world! I just started my own blog this month as well. I got here through your moms blog. She told me your in nursing school. 2 words... GOOD LUCK! I just graduated 2 1/2 years ago and I know it can be a struggle. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    check out my blog.

  4. You love me and you miss me?!?!

    So nice to meet you Jennifer. So you're the lucky girl with the great mom. I hope you enjoy blogging!

  5. Came over from your mom's blog. What a lucky girl you are to have such a neat mom.
    Good luck with your blog.